Let's sort it out

If the driver has left a tag on your trash, it means there is a problem we need to sort out.

On the right, and below, you will probably find some helpful tips on what may have caused the tag to be placed on your trash.

If you still have questions please call (321) 939-1805 or send us a message.

No plastic grocery bags

Please, if you wish to recycle them, take them back to the Grocery store and place them in recycling tote outside the front door if they have one.
If they don’t have one you must trash them.

Publix has them outside in front of store for plastic bags and styrofoam eggtrays.

No plastic buckets or totes of any kind are accepted. 

Rinse out food residue

All items that held food grade products MUST BE RINSED OUT and FREE of any residue before placing out for recycling or it will get rejected.

The Recycling Center is asking us and all other vendors to be diligent in the effort to clean the recycling stream coming into their facility. This is a cost that they will pass onto us the vendor if it continues, and we will be forced to pass it on to you the consumer.

A few tips

These are just a few common things that get placed into the recycling bin that should NOT be in it.

Car parts

Metal coat hangers

Scrap steel
Play Structures
Toilet tissue
Toilet seats

When in DOUBT, leave it OUT

Still not sure?

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