Rent a Yard Container

From only $110/week

You can now rent Yard Containers on a weekly basis!

These 2 or 3 cubic yard containers are perfect for light to medium clean up projects that take more than a couple of days to clean up around the house.

No bagging trash bags, storing them for pick up then having to pick them up yet again and move them to the curb or street to be collected.

These containers are on casters (wheels) for easy movement around if needed.


These dumpster are strictly for household and around the garage clean up on a weekly rental (7 days) If needing extra time you must notify our office

We DO NOT accept and or not limited to the following items: Construction/Demo material, Hazardous waste material, Tires or car parts, Scrap metal, Dirt, Concrete, Rocks and other inert materials. If you are not sure, Please call us before placing items in the dumpster.

Sizes & Prices

The containers comes in two sizes. The Initial price includes one week rent and one dump.
Additional dumps can be added as you need it.


Equals 6 x 95 gallon trash totters
$ 110
  • 1 Dump Included
  • $60 per extra dump
  • Height 5 Feet
  • Width 78 Inches
  • Depth 48.25 Inches


Equals 10 x 95 gallon trash totters
$ 145
  • 1 Dump Included
  • $80 per extra dump
  • Height 5 Feet
  • Width 78 Inches
  • Depth 55.25 Inches

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