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Years Serving Celebration
Lbs recycled

Did you know that recycling 1 aluminum soda can, can equal powering a 19″ Tv for 3 hrs?

When is my


Recycling - Pick up every Wednesday
9 Tips - To make it go smoothly

Milk cartons and such.

No books , paper towels or tissues of any kind.

Remove plastic bag that might have held it.

All boxes must be broken down and placed inside another box, or tied together with twain.

Remove sharp lids and discard.

Must be contained in a paper bag or a box if need be. No plastic bags.

Lids are okay, but remove small screw on caps.

Remove any packaging.

Only items carrying one of the 2 following markings are accepted. Remove screw on caps.

Did you receive a tag? - Or want to avoid getting one
Yard waste - That's Wednesdays too

What about all the other stuff?

We can pick it up for you

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Driver Assistant

12 Years of Immaculate Sanitation Services

Celebration Sanitation Services was created in 2006 exclusively to provide service for Celebration, Florida. We understood the importance of a true service provider and their needs. thats how we became who we are today

We are not just another trash company, we are a true service provider so you can rest assured that you will be serviced with the upmost importance no matter who you are each and every time. That is our pledge to you.

Leaving our green footprints

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