Clean Stream Initiative Recycling Container/Tote Rollout moved to April 5th!


Clean Stream Initiative Recycling Container/Tote Roll Out 2.0

We understand the importance in recycling and being good stewards of our environment and our town. Which is the cornerstone of your Clean Stream Initiative program that is one of the cleanest recycling programs in the state. We have also come to realize the passion of our residents these last few days and their wholehearted interest in continuing to recycle at all costs. We never intended to divide our community or residents against each other or make it difficult to recycle. Our intentions were to keep the stream as viable and clean as possible and, in the process, we were too aggressive at trying to accomplish this goal.

We will be extending the transition period from our original date of March 1st. to April 5th for the new guidelines to go into effect. This should be enough time for the residents that did not hear about the transition in time to purchase their container/totes as needed. This will also give us enough time to get the new shipment of containers delivered to us by 3/17 and distributed to the residents that have already purchased a container from us and are waiting on delivery. You can purchase any container from any place you wish to fit your needs. That containers will need to be lidded, blue in color if possible. If not blue in color, it must be permanently marked “Recycling” on the sides, not a with makeshift removable sign.

Celebration Sanitation Recycling containers are green in color for a purpose. If you ever want to stop recycling, move, and take it with you or use your container for a different purpose you just remove our labels.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this aggressive approach has caused our residents. We will move forward together and make this much needed transition as smooth as possible and as one community together.

All of the previous guidelines will still apply on the implementation date of 4/5, with 1 addition, you can have (2) recycling containers per home max. This was done to the facilitate our residents that have more than usual boxes for recycling. They can be in any size configuration, not to exceed 190 gallons in total. This would be the equivalent of having (2) large 95-gallon recycling container/totes out per week.

Please, do not use your recycling containers for dual use. Example, using your trash tote today for trash and reusing it for recycling tomorrow. This is not a standard practice in our industry whatsoever and it will not be in Celebration. Recycling containers are for recycling material use only. This practice leaves room for error on the part of a residents by accidently placing trash in it and then placing recycling on top or vice versa, and in turn our teams dumping it in the trucks. Or the possibility of the container being contaminated with food waste or anything else that is not friendly to the fiber material or anything else (paper/carboard and such) Regardless of who might say otherwise. Please don’t do it, it will not be collected.

Keep recycling and recycle as our future in dependent on us to do so.

Recycle responsively, don’t wish-cycle. If in doubt-leave it out. Call us or email us if you have any questions regarding our recycling guidelines and or program, we will provide the correct info first and not second handed. 321-939-1805 / [email protected]

Ken Lee
Celebration Sanitation Services.

No plastic bags

Please, if you wish to recycle them, take them back to the Grocery store and place them in recycling tote outside the front door if they have one.
If they don’t have one you must trash them.

Publix has them outside in front of store for plastic bags and styrofoam eggtrays.

No plastic buckets or totes of any kind are accepted. 

Rinse out food residue

All items that held food grade products MUST BE RINSED OUT and FREE of any residue before placing out for recycling or it will get rejected.

The Recycling Center is asking us and all other vendors to be diligent in the effort to clean the recycling stream coming into their facility. This is a cost that they will pass onto us the vendor if it continues, and we will be forced to pass it on to you the consumer.

A few tips

These are just a few common things that get placed into the recycling bin that should NOT be in it.

Car parts

Metal coat hangers

Scrap steel
Play Structures
Toilet tissue
Toilet seats

When in DOUBT, leave it OUT

Still not sure?

Holiday Schedule change

Due to the Labor Day holiday, all services will run one day behind during the week of Sept. 4th.